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This 25.2 acre site was occupied by an existing training complex, administration building, and parking. The project involved construction of seven new structures including a practical skills building, training tower, and burn building. A 1,500 foot sanitary sewer extension as well as a domestic water service extension and a fire loop to feed 13 on-site hydrants were also included. The creation of a wet detention basin – also being used by the academy as a drafting pond during training exercises — was needed for stormwater management.

Our services included a topographic survey of the site to obtain a pre-demolition layout of the site and existing structures. After demolition we resurveyed some areas that were critical for the placement of new buildings. We prepared the site dimension plan and site grading plan, working with the architect and the City of Columbus, Division of Fire. Upon agreeing on the final layout, we prepared the construction plans for all utilities, parking, walkways, and building pads.