• Healthcare
  • Office
  • Stormwater

This 24,000 square foot office building was to be located on an old gravel quarry area in Logan, Ohio. The project required special considerations due to the large amount of fill material that would be needed from off-site to raise the building pad area 20 feet. Also, the stormwater system and erosion control design were concerns due to the projects’ location adjacent to the flood plain.

An extensive early site bid package was created and constructed to allow the project to stay on schedule. Our design included an access road to the site, which is shared by the hospital, to allow for turn lanes and emergency vehicle access. We provided site dimensional and grading plans for the site, which included stormwater retention areas, parking area, and sidewalks. A sanitary sewer grinder pump station was necessary to connect to a very shallow existing sewer at the street. A new waterline extension and fire hydrant was also part of our design services.